Woof by Hollie sustainability policy

Blue / grey French Bulldog keyring

Sustainability is hugely important to me and my business. I aim to keep sustainability in mind for all elements of the business, from creating products to sending out orders. Here are some ways we consider our environmental impact, and changes we have made to be as sustainable as possible.

Sourcing products

I aim to exclusively work with manufacturers who create their products in the UK, and I also consider the sustainable impacts of possible future products and the materials they are made from – for example I do not currently sell any fabric products, as fabric can be hard to source sustainably and ethically.

Whenever possible, I prefer to choose products with eco-friendly benefits, such as my wooden dog keyrings, which are made from fast-growing and sustainably sourced wood. All of my product descriptions have a “sustainability” section, where you can find more information about specific products.

It’s for this reason that many of my products are paper-based and recyclable.

Digital drawing

As an artist, I prefer to work digitally on my iPad. This helps to prevent unnecessary paper waste.

custom dog sticker

My stickers are made from plastic, to be more long-lasting.

Greenwashing and sustainability

Greenwashing is a dishonest practice where a business will convey a false impression of sustainability and how eco-friendly a certain product is.

I aim to avoid greenwashing of any kind with Woof by Hollie – where a product may not have credible sustainable merits, I will be open and honest about this. For example, we sell vinyl (plastic) stickers, as we found these to be much more high quality and long-lasting than paper-based alternatives, and this is mentioned in the product descriptions so my customers are fully aware.

Blonde Cockapoo sniffing a black pawprint sticker

These pawprint stickers help to prevent waste.

Eco-friendly packaging

None of my current packaging involves plastic of any kind, unless reused. I use cardboard envelopes and boxes, with cardboard and paper filling. Occasionally, I will re-use large boxes, mail bags and bubble wrap to prevent unnecessary waste. My parcels are secured with eco-friendly tape and my delivery labels are printed on sticker paper.

Most orders will include a sprinkle of little pawprint stickers, and possibly some extra sticker freebies, and these are usually printed on vinyl (plastic) sticker sheets. However, we use these tiny pawprints to fill in the gaps and prevent additional waste when printing our stickers.

Delivery process

I currently use the Royal Mail for all my orders. Royal Mail already has the lowest reported carbon emissions per parcel of any major UK delivery company, and are aiming to be net zero by 2040.

Minimising waste

I am proud to report that we create minimal waste at Woof by Hollie. Any paper waste is reused or recycled. We do create some plastic waste as a result of our vinyl (plastic) stickers, but we do our best to keep this to a minimum by filling gaps and giving away damaged or imperfect stickers as freebies.

Unfortunately as a very small business, I cannot be in control of waste created by the manufacturers of my products, but I always prioritise working with manufacturers who share similar values about the environment and sustainability.

Not paw-fect but trying sticker

We’re not perfect – and probably never will be!

We aim to do better

As a small business, I recognise that myself and my business have an impact on the environment, and I aim to reduce this impact wherever possible. Our planet is an incredibly valuable resource we cannot take for granted.

I am personally taking steps to make more environmentally friendly choices wherever I am able to, from reducing how much plastic waste I create; to choosing to take more journeys on foot or by public transport, and less by car; to eating less meat.

I will continue to prioritise sustainability in all elements of my business, but especially sourcing of products, where there is a significant impact beyond myself and my customers.


If you have further questions about anything mentioned in this policy, please send me an email: [email protected].

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Hollie Alexa Moxham

Illustrator and designer behind Woof by Hollie.