Woof by Hollie ethics & values policy

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My values are at the heart of everything I do. When I care about things, I care about them very deeply, and my business is an extension of this. Here are some of the ethics and values that are important to Woof by Hollie.

Being a welcoming place for everyone

Everyone is welcome here. Woof by Hollie is a safe and welcoming place for our LGBTQ+ friends, our disabled friends, and our friends of colour, and discrimination or hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated.

Pride Doodle Cockapoo

Prioritising sustainability

I do my best to be as sustainable as possible – in fact I have a whole sustainability policy about the efforts I make to consider the environmental impact of my business.

Advocating for ethical dog training

I firmly believe that force, fear and punishment have no place in ethical dog training. Science supports what we feel in our hearts – that dogs deserve our respect, our kindness and our empathy. I also believe this goes beyond training and into everyday life, that our whole lives with dogs should be based on mutual respect and kindness.

It is our job to protect and care for the animals we ask to live in our complicated human world.

If you feel the same, you may like our range of dog advocacy stickers.

Find their motivation Spaniel sniffing sticker

Advocating for ethical breeding

I support “adopt or shop responsibly”, but I strongly support rescuing when possible.

I do not support puppy farms and backyard breeders. I believe above all that if we choose to breed dogs, good health and temperament should be of vital importance.

As an extension of this, I do not support the cropping of dogs’ ears. I do not believe there is any legitimate reason to do so, and here in the UK, it is illegal. This is reflected in the products I sell – you will not find any cropped dogs available to buy here.

I am also generally against the docking of dogs’ tails.. Aside from the Working Spaniels range, which takes inspiration from true working dogs in the field, you will not find any docked dogs available to buy here.

Muzzled American XL Bully

Advocating for muzzled dogs

Although muzzles may look scary, they are used to keep dogs and humans safe. A dog may wear a muzzle because they are a bite risk, or it could be for another reason, for example if they like to scavenge food. It’s important to remember that any dog can bite, especially when they are scared or in pain, so helping your dog feel comfortable wearing a muzzle is a responsible thing to do. Find out more about muzzles or shop our dog advocacy stickers.

Celebrating ALL dogs

We’re not just about purebreds here – we celebrate ALL dogs. I have a Cockapoo myself, so I hold no prejudice for mixed breeds, whether they were bought or rescued. Take a look at all our mutt and crossbreed designs, or shop by any dog breed.

AI-generated artwork

We do not support AI-generated artwork. Woof by Hollie is a business I have built from the ground up with designs I have made entirely myself. Everything you see for sale here was drawn by hand, by me – and that will always be true. We know AI-generated artwork can be a lot of fun and has a lot of potential, but please remember to support human artists as well.


If you have further questions about anything mentioned in this policy, please send me an email: [email protected].

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Picture of Hollie Alexa Moxham

Hollie Alexa Moxham

Illustrator and designer behind Woof by Hollie.