Download a FREE habit tracker for dogs and pets

Are you looking for an easy way to keep track of your pet’s habits, behaviour and training? Do you want to record how often you work on certain things like grooming, or make a note of whether they’ve had their daily medication? Introducing an activity or habit tracker for dogs and pets – which you can download for free right now!

As well as being super cute and practical, this habit tracker is left blank for you to prioritise what you want to track – from your dog’s daily training, to your bunny’s enrichment activities. Keep reading to find out how you can download this free habit tracker for dogs and pets…

Pet activity tracker - download for free!

The activity or habit tracker features a collection of adorable animals including a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig and hamster. It also features a little set of pawprints and an inspiring quote: “Take small steps every day, and one day you’ll get there.”

The habit tracker allows you to write down up to 11 things and track them over the course of a week. No more getting stressed out trying to remember everything!

Remember, there’s no need to do every activity every day! It’s about doing what you can when you can, and having a written record of how often you do it. For example, you might need to give your dog their medication every day, but you only need to give them a bath once a week.

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Love this habit tracker but don’t have a printer? Prefer snazzy stationery to printing at home? You can now order this adorable habit tracker as a super soft A5 notepad with 50 rip off pages!

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