Five pictures with pink borders. 1 - Hollie holding her Cockapoo puppy Lyra. 2 - A Cockapoo print and keyring. 3 - Hollie smiling in front of her desk. 4 - Lyra wearing a blue bow. 5 - Hollie and her boyfriend Tarryn standing next to each other and holding Lyra.

About Hollie

Hello, I’ m Hollie! I’m an illustrator and designer, and as well as running Woof by Hollie, I also work full-time as a Digital Executive for a colouring magazine, and run a local dog sitting business in Bristol on my evenings and weekends. Yes – I like to be busy!

I studied Animation at university and I loved learning all about digital art. I quickly found that a lot of my uni projects featured dogs, and I soon found myself designing dog Christmas cards and selling them at local craft fairs. One of my uni friends suggested opening an Etsy store, and that store eventually became Woof by Hollie!

There’s one huge reason that I still I do what I do – I absolutely love dogs. I really, really do. I am that person who’s ears perk up when they hear someone near them say “dog”, and I will unapologetically present pictures of my puppy like a PowerPoint presentation to any stranger on the street.

I love drawing dogs almost as much as I love meeting them, which is a LOT. If I wasn’t running the business, I can promise you I’d still be doodling dog designs on my iPad, so that’s what I sell.

I live in Bristol with my boyfriend and our gorgeous little Cockapoo puppy, Lyra.

Five pictures with pink borders. 1 - Hollie holding a pile of envelopes. 2 - A hand holding a keyring in front of a black Cocker Spaniel. 3 - A Cockapoo keyring. 4 - A hand drawing on an iPad. 5 - A hand holding a keyring in front of a Dalmatian.

What is Woof by Hollie?

Woof by Hollie is my small business where I sell unique and hand-drawn dog themed gifts – stickers, bookmarks, keyrings, notepads, notebooks, prints and more! With over 200 dog products available to buy in LOTS of popular breeds.

All Woof by Hollie products are hand-drawn and designed by me, and created with quality and sustainability in mind.

This means you’re getting a super lovely and unique product that is high quality and kind to the planet – guilt-free gifting for all your dog lover friends!

Products from Woof by Hollie are:


Designed to make people smile.


We’re working towards a perfect match for every pup!


High quality, kind to the environment, and super giftable.

Meet the team

A woman with long brown hair smiles sitting in front of her desk.

Hollie (she/her)

Founder, illustrator, designer.

Tarryn (he/him)

Dispatch assistant.

A cream Cockapoo puppy sitting wearing a blue bow.

Lyra (she/her)

Brand rep, packing assistant, pup-fluencer.

Some of our paw-some customers: