What to gift a person who loves dogs

Hand holding a blonde Cockapoo keyring

If you have a dog-obsessed friend in your life, you may find yourself wondering what to gift a person who loves dogs. What meaningful and unique present could you buy for a dog owner? What dog themed products would make a great gift for a dog mum?

Well the good news is, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Woof by Hollie, we sell super cute dog gifts for humans, so you could say we’re experts in what to gift someone who loves dogs!

Let’s take a look at our favourite affordable, customised and unique gifts for dog lovers and dog owners, from us and some of our small business friends…


Cream Cockapoo wooden keyring

Dog breed keyrings

Our eco-friendly wooden dog keyrings make the perfect gift for the Instagram dog mum who loves to match their dog! They’ll never have to leave their precious pup at home again, because now they can take them with them everywhere.

Enjoy guilt-free gifting knowing these keyrings are made from responsibly sourced and easily replenished Birch Plywood. Plus, this design won’t fade and will survive plenty of buffeting about in a pocket or bag!

Available to buy in: Doodles (4 colours), Labradors (3 colours), Cocker Spaniels (3 colours), Springer Spaniels (2 colours), Dachshunds (2 colours), German Shepherd, Vizsla, Beagle, Dalmatian, Golden Retriever, and Border Collie.


Blue dog backpack from Maisie & Murphy

Embroidered clothing

From our friends at Maisie & Murphy, we love these embroidered tees, jumpers, and now backpacks too! Available in dozens of breeds, colours and sizes – or you can order an entirely custom design for an exact match to a picture of your dog.

I have a Maisie & Murphy tee and a jumper and I adore them both. Embroidery is such a lovely and high quality form of customisation, and Maisie & Murphy are the place to go for stunning and personalised embroidered clothing and accessories.


My heart belongs to my dog wooden pin

Dog lover pins

Made from the same sustainable wood as our keyrings, our dog themed pins are super cute, super wearable, and much more eco-friendly than enamel pin alternatives. And there’s no need to worry about breeds, because these pins are made for all dog owners and dog lovers!

With two adorable designs to choose from, these pins are a unique gift idea no one will be able to compete with. Buy both in a bundle for a cheeky discount!

Available to buy in: “My heart belongs to my dog” and “Everyday is a good day with a dog”.


Golden Retriever dog card

Dog cards

Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas, a delightful dog card is the essential companion to any gift! We love the designs from Abbie Imagine, especially the ones with a touch of decadent gold foil.

I just love Abbie’s illustration style and especially any of her products featuring doggos. Especially the designs inspired by her gorgeous Border Collie, Poppy!


Beagle To Do List Notepad

Dog stationery

For gifts that are as practical as they are pretty, look no further than our range of dog themed stationery! From an everyday to do list notepad, to a handy little notebook for making notes, stationery is always a popular option for busy pet parents.

We have tons of gorgeous stationery designs, too many to even list here, with more coming soon!


Adventure journal

Adventure journal

For the adventurous and outgoing dog mum, the Dog Adventure Journal from Paws Enrich Plan is a gift that is so much more than a notebook. Encouraging you to live mindfully and explore more with your dog, this interactive journal has space to track over 20 adventures and even comes with little pawprint cards and stickers.

I have a copy of this journal and it’s been wonderful to flip through it and get inspired and excited for summer adventures with Lyra!


Dog Fed Magnet

“Fed the dog” magnet

This product, from our friend KateIsCrafting on Etsy, is frankly genius – a must-have for every dog owner! No need for different housemates to guess whether the dog has had their breakfast, simply use this handy magnet to indicate whether the dog needs feeding or not. Not only is this hilarious, but also genuinely very practical for many pet paw-rents!

This little magnet makes a perfect add on to a gift for a dog owner, and can be easily slipped into a card for a small something to accompany a birthday card.


So there you have it – all our recommendations for what to gift a person who loves dogs! Keep a note of these wonderful gifts for dog lovers and come back for birthdays and Christmas – you’ll never be out of gift ideas for dog lovers. If you liked this article, please consider sharing it with a friend, and following us on Instagram.

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Picture of Hollie Alexa Moxham

Hollie Alexa Moxham

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